I am an Academic Foundation Doctor at the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals.

I graduated with Distinction from an accelerated medical degree at the University of Oxford, coming second in my class in the medical sciences ("pre-clinical") half of the course.

Previously, I was a succesful engineer, specialising in medical device design and manufacturing. I graduated top of my class from the University of Cambridge, winning several awards including the Institution of Engineering and Technology's top undergraduate scholarship in 2012, which had over 1100 applicants.

I then worked in a design role at CMR Surgical, a record-breaking start-up, where I was integral to the early development of a next-generation surgical robot which is now routinely used in the NHS and worldwide.

I have a research interest in human factors, patient safety, patient experience, and the use of engineering techniques in medicine, particularly the application of design and manufacturing methodology to healthcare quality improvement.

I am a member of the OxSTAR human factors research group, and am currently researching the clinical role of administrative staff in triage and patient experience.

I am happy to be contacted about research opportunities.

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Lancet Digital Health
(Accepted, awaiting publication)
Kotanidis C; Xie C;Alexander D; Rodrigues J; Siddique M; Lockstone H; Thomas S;Kotronias R; Oikonomou E;Badi I; Shirodaria M;Lumley S; Constantinides B; Sanderson N; Rodger G; Chau K; Lodge A; Tsakok M; Gleeson F; Adlam D; Rao P; Indrajeet D; Deshpande A; Bajaj A; Hudson B; Srivastava V; Farid S; Krasopoulos G; Sayeed R; Neubauer S; Newby D; Channon K; Deanfield J; Antoniades C.
Clinical Radiology
Parenchymal involvement on CT pulmonary angiography in SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant infection and correlation of COVID-19 CT severity score with clinical disease severity and short-term prognosis in a UK cohort
Tsakok MT, Watson RA, Lumley SF, Khan F, Qamhawi Z, Lodge A, Xie C; Modernising Medical Microbiology Group, Shine B, Matthews P, Jeffery K, Eyre DW, Benamore R, Gleeson F.
77(2):148-155. doi:10.1016/j.crad.2021.11.002. PMID:34895912
ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 (Correspondence)
Lodge A.
396(10261):1486. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(20)32270-4. PMID:33160564

Oral Presentations

National Academic GP Training Conference
Using Process Improvement Methodology from Lean Manufacturing to Improve the Efficiency of Influenza Vaccination in General Practice: A Pilot Quality Improvement Study
Lodge A. Lecture presented: March 31, 2022; Cambridge, United Kingdom


CMR Surgical
Driving arrangement for articulating a surgical instrument
Chaplin B, Henrywood R, Lodge A.
GB2554915 (A), CN110121308 (A), EP3525710 (A1), JP2019530530 (A), US11129686 (B2), US2020038127 (A1), WO2018069679 (A1)
Cambridge Consultants
Injector Device
Perkins G, Mogensen L, Tang L, Van Wyk E, Lodge A, Harborne W, McLean J.
GB2554915 (A) CN110121308 (A), EP3525710 (A1), JP2019530530 (A), US11129686 (B2), US2020038127 (A1), WO2018069679 (A1)


Oxford University Hospitals
Retrospective analysis of patient records to determine risk factors, prognostic factors and transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in the hospital setting
Mo Y, Eyre D, Lumley S, Walker T, Shaw R, ODonnell D, Butcher L, Jeffery K, Donnelly C, Oxford COVID infection review team, Cooper B.
Partial results available at: doi.org/10.1101/2021.04.28.21256245
Cambridge University Hospitals
Implementing Lean and 5S Process Improvement Techniques in the Emergency Department at a Large Major Trauma Centre.
Eight improvement domains were identified, with trials conducted in three domains that led to sustained efficiency and safety improvements (a closed-loop audit).
Lodge A. 6-week full-time project with report and presentations to CUH and Institute for Manufacturing leadership.


University of Oxford
2021 Speciality Year Merits Overall Performance; Community Based Medicine; Orthopaedics, Trauma, Rheumatology and Emergency Medicine (top 10%)
2019 Martin Wronker Runner-up Prize in Medicine
2019 Pre-clinical Merits Overall Performance, OSCE, Critical Appraisal (top 10%)
University of Cambridge
2016 Best Overall MEng Project (top prize, 300 students)
2016 METIIB Project Prize (top prize, 40 students)
2015 MET IIA Major Project Prize (top prize, 40 students)
Pembroke College, Cambridge
2016 Ronald Wynn Prize for Engineering
2013 - 2015 College & Foundation Scholarships & Computing Prize
Royal Academy of Engineering
2014 Engineering Leadership Award (34 awarded, 300+ applicants)
2012 Belling Engineering Prize (top scholarship, over 1100 applicants)
Duke of Edinburgh’s
2011 Gold and Silver Awards


University of Oxford
2018 - 2022
MEDICINE BM BCh Graduate-Entry
Clinical Course Pass with Distinction, ranked in top 10%
Pre-Clinical Course Pass with Distinction, ranked second in year
University of Cambridge
2012 - 2016
MEng Pass with Distinction, ranked top of year
BA First Class, ranked second in year
Winchester College
2006 - 2011
A-levels/Pre-Us | A* Physics (top in country), Maths (100%), Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology
GCSEs / IGCSEs | A* Nine subjects, including Maths and English

Medical Work Experience

Oxford University Hospitals & University of Oxford
2022 - present
Academic Foundation Doctor
Competitive programme combining research with clinical placements in Gastroenterology, General/Geriatric Medicine, Intensive Care, ENT, Emergency Medicine & General Practice. Member of the OxSTAR human factors research group, currently investigating the clinical role of administrative staff in triage and patient experience.

Teaching Experience

University of Oxford
2019 - 2022
Tutor in Medical Sciences and Clinical Medicine, Worcester College (Paid)
Small-group tutorials for 3-4 students at a time. Mixture of theoretical and practical teaching.
Peer Tutor (Voluntary)
Arranged and ran ten tutorials for 4-10 pre-clinical students at a time after noticing that their teaching had been significantly impacted by the Covid pandemic. 38 of 39 students rated the delivery of the sessions and the usefulness in meeting their learning objectives as “very good” or “excellent”. Students rated their confidence in the subject before and after the sessions, and all students reported an increase in confidence. References available.
Cambridge University Heartstart (Voluntary)
2013 - 2017
Instructor and Instructor Training Officer
Responsible for training quality of 200+ first aid instructors. Worked with paramedics and the BHF to restructure training and certification processes to reduce waste and improve quality of instruction. Trained hundreds of adults, schoolchildren, and medical students over this time. Provided Basic Life Support Training to medical students at the University of Cambridge.

Engineering Work Experience

CMR Surgical
2016 - 2018
Mechanical Engineer
CMR Surgical is developing a next-generation robotic surgical system used in the NHS & worldwide. I joined a start-up with 40 employees; it is now a $3bn company with over 400.
  • Worked with surgeons and scientists to develop protocols, collect data and write-up an animal and two cadaver trials, to establish non-inferiority of robotic surgical system. Reports and analysis were used in regulatory submissions and to justify further trials.
  • Led development of robotic scissor instruments. Designed complex parts, often at the limit of technological capability, for multiple manufacturing processes including metal and plastic injection moulding, micromachining, EDM, forming, brazing and additive manufacturing.
  • Analysed design and production parts with computer modelling and tolerance analysis.
  • Supported manufacturing partners to develop manufacturing processes for very challenging to manufacture parts, including over-moulding of very delicate parts, high-precision EDM of MIM parts, design and manufacture of high-load miniature bearings and manufacture of custom cable.
  • Designed test rigs and wrote test procedures for testing of robotic surgical instruments. Analysed and reported data to demonstrate safety, performance, and regulatory compliance.
  • Conducted FMEA and FMECA analyses and implemented outputs to improve product safety.
  • Led initial work to evaluate biocompatibility of surgical instruments and worked with senior colleagues and external consultancies to plan testing and regulatory submissions.
  • Coordinated prototype build activity, including discussions with suppliers and managers to ensure components and resources were available to meet very tight development timelines.
Cambridge Consultants
15 months between 2011 & 2015
Technology Scholar, Medical Analysis and Modelling Group
  • Headed a feasibility review for a new wireless medical product, interacting with suppliers, senior engineers, and the client (a ‘big-3’ pharmaceutical company) within the first few weeks of joining. Submitted a report, presented results, and responded to questions from the client.
  • Developed two auto-injectors in a small team of mixed expertise, transforming a novel idea from a concept generation session into testable, commercially viable prototypes.
  • Assisted with data collection and analysis for a user study for a novel medical app.
  • Improved the actuation mechanism of a major inhaler development through experimentation and data analysis, bringing actuation success from less than 10% to more than 99.9%.
  • Gave three recruitment presentations to 100+ people and mentored another staff member.

Voluntary Experience

South Central Ambulance Service
2020 - 2021
Team Leader, Medical Student First Responder
Recruited, trained, and mentored other medical students to become ambulance first responders. Attended high-priority 999 calls to provide life support and rapid medical assessment.
East of England Ambulance Service
2016 - 2018
Team Leader, Community First Responder
Attended over 100 high-priority 999 calls, including several cardiac arrests. As a team leader, organised training, mentored new members, analysed response data, and liaised with ambulance service to establish how best to deploy services to ensure efficient use of responder time.
Ecohouse Initiative
2012 - 2015
Director of Permanent Housing
  • Headed a team of 30, working with academics and a charity in South America to improve the design of the temporary and permanent low-cost housing they build in 19 countries. Secured commercial and government funding for a full-scale permanent housing project in Ecuador.
  • Travelled to Ecuador in summer 2014 to work with our local partners and the government on housing and education projects. Developed innovative system to improve targeting of government education schemes and demonstrated it to the development ministry.